It's Only Natural, The Higher

Vocals: Seth Trotter
Bass: Jason Centeno
Guitar: Robert Gene Ragan II
Drums: Doug McCarthy

I'm not one to stake my claim. I'm more like the undertaker, babe.
Live in a city that never sleeps, not making lots of money but enjoying the finer
Well, I've been doing it since I was young, studying the strategies so I could
win. Anytime I needed money I had things to pawn, and I'd take my money down to
the Palms and with a little luck we can get messed up and baby you get off
later meet me at the elevator, up to the top floor, maybe the Playboy. We can go
anywhere you want it’s your choice cause baby knows...
I know you know what I'm doing to your body, the torture, you lose control
and I can feel your heart exploding, on the dance floor, feeling the heat more,
I’m looking for the back door out to the patio ,we'll take it slow. Till I get
you to a place more remote, you stop to give in, I win and suddenly pull you

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The Higher

The Higher

If Justin Timberlake were a band, he'd be The Higher.

However, just because The Higher can bust out pop tunes, it doesn't mean that's what …

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