Story Of A Man Obsessed

It's Only Natural, The Higher

Vocals: Seth Trotter
Bass: Jason Centeno
Guitar: Robert Gene Ragan II
Drums: Doug McCarthy

Lip stick note on my bathroom mirror tells me I should've have known, I could still
hear her on the street below. She must've had some where to go. I grab my coat,
walk in any direction. Doesn't answer her phone, grind my teeth in the
tension, street lights come on. I feel like there's something wrong.

Tell me, tell me! I can't relax.
I feel so isolated till you come back.

And I'll write the story of a man obsessed
(Oh oh oh)
I can't go on this way.
And I wonder if you’re the hero or the renegade
(Oh oh oh )
OH we'll see how this plays

I can't tell if she's dodging my questions
This run around sends me a mixed message.
And I just don't know. Am I being irrational?
Twisted how in my thoughts, her intentions bring her to a room without my
But there's no one home.
These are thoughts I have alone.

Am I reading you wrong
Cause you are taking too long
To prove where you had gone,
I lose. (I'm better without you)

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