It's Only Natural, The Higher

Vocals: Seth Trotter
Bass: Jason Centeno
Guitar: Robert Gene Ragan II
Drums: Doug McCarthy

It was a lesson
In indiscretion
And its weighing on my mind
I'm pretty sure this
Happens all the time.

My desperation became my depression
Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Now that I know....this happens all the time

(I should of seen it in)

The Way that you act
You’re scandalous
Behind my back
So scandalous
Your running around all over town
I can't handle it.

You’re a dime I can afford to lose
Cause I’m better off without you

Another victim
You're so vindictive
One more cadaver lying cold
Now that I'm sure this happens all the time.

Licking your lips
You're scandalous
Ignorant bliss
So scandalous
You're making a scene
The come easy queen
I can't handle it

You’re just a night light
Hitting my blind side
Shining on more then you deserve.
Now that I know this won't happen anymore.

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