The Black Dress

It's Only Natural, The Higher

Vocals: Seth Trotter
Bass: Jason Centeno
Guitar: Robert Gene Ragan II
Drums: Doug McCarthy

You don't know what you’re doing
You look like a student
With a pencil in your pony tail
Excuse me for staring at the light iridescent
Color of your finger nails.

Well, I think the situations wrong
(At a funeral)
But you totally turn me on and its usually
hard for me to just let you be

Lady in the black dress
you shouldn't sit so close to me
Cause I could take advantage
of a soul so vulnerable, soft and sweet.
We could dive right in, into the deep
But when we come up you might feel empty.
Then lady in the black dress, you'll never sit so close to me again.

I don't know what I'm doing.
This lust is confusing
How do I explain myself.
Such a beautiful sadness
Behind her long lashes.
Those eyes are crying out for help

This morning’s laid to rest.
The casket has been sealed and blessed.
The day is gone.
His widow noticed me
Looking at you she said, "don't you let love leave
And get away."
So let’s seize the day

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