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It's Only Natural, The Higher

Vocals: Seth Trotter
Bass: Jason Centeno
Guitar: Robert Gene Ragan II
Drums: Doug McCarthy

Maybe you should turn around and walk away
Cause you’re not really listening to anything that I've been trying to say.
Stop ignoring me.
Please baby, baby please just go
Cause I can't be held responsible
Leave baby, baby leave
Cause I know that it’s impossible.

Outside, lying down
It’s wearing me out
The grey clouds
Crushing the grass
Tasting the past in your mouth.
Let me forget your head on my chest.
We crossed the line confused.

Why would you say that all our hope is gone?
Are you trying to hurt me?
Why would you say we're barely holding on,
Then say that you need me?
And why would you say that if we're meant to be
we'll be together eventually.
Maybe it’s time we go our separate ways and explore other options.

(Well well well well)
You can dream, baby, baby dream
But you know that this can't be casual
Please baby, baby please
Just go if the feeling is mutual

Look at me now
Walking around at sundown
Light on the grass
Regretting the past out loud
Let me forget your head on my chest
We crossed the line confused.

Please baby, baby please just go

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