• My download code doesn't work, what should I do?

    If your download code doesn't work, send an e-mail to support@kingsroadmerch.com, tell them what album you purchased, and they'll be able to help you out. 

  • I got the wrong download card with my vinyl LP, what should I do?

    Once in a while, the tireless, unsung heroes at the pressing plant pops a wrong download card into an LP. If that happened to you, send an email to support@kingsroadmerch.com, tell them what happened, and they'll send you a correct code.

  • Do you accept demos?


    Just kidding, Epitaph gladly accepts demos. We have a submission system in place for you to get your music to us in the most direct way possible. Click HERE to submit your demo!

  • How do I contact Epitaph?

    Click HERE to find all necessary contact information for Epitaph.  Please use these e-mail addresses to get in touch with us.  

  • Can I apply for an internship?

    We have a great internship program available.  Please email Internship@epitaph.com to apply.  You must be eligible to receive college credit.

  • Who designed the new site?

    You can thank our very talented friends at Jolby & Friends, they're responsible for the sweet new redesign.  

  • Are you hiring?

    Sorry! Not at the moment, but you can send your resume to Jobs@epitaph.com and we'll keep it on file in case anything opens up.  

  • License Music for Film/TV?

    If you are interested in licensing any Epitaph Artist's music please email our Director of Music Licensing: Hector Martinez.  He'll be glad to help!

  • Customer Service?

    Did you receive a scratched CD or defective vinyl that you purchased either online or at a store? That sucks, but don't worry we can help. If purchased from a Kings Road Merch Store click HERE

    Having trouble with your download card? Visit the customer service inquiry page HERE, select the subject message, "I Am Having Trouble With A Digital Download" option and fill out the form as directed.  

    From a store not online? Then contact the store directly.