I Am Going To Kill The President Of The United States Of America


Vocals: Frank Iero
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Rob Hughes
Bass, Backing Vocals: John McGuire
Drums, Percussion: James Dewees
Guitar: Ed Auletta

if this is the front line, there's no hope for the world. devils, we're raised by fucking devils, who've been raised by fucking devils, wearing our saviors as skins. how can i believe what you say? you're propaganda bullshit makes me sick. murdered fascists make less noise and promises. i'd shed your blood to save the world. you're living a lie straight to hell. i'd rather have my eyes sewn shut than see all the shit that we've done. i'd rather be deaf, dumb, and blind than pledge allegiance to a man of your kind. (you put words in our mouths, i'd like to put a bullet in yours) i'll send you to hell. you're coming to hell with me motherfucker.

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Throughout history, music has served as a society's barometer for social and political conditions. From Bob Dylan's folk protest anthems of the 60's, to a …

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