5th Period Massacre


Vocals: Frank Iero
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Rob Hughes
Bass, Backing Vocals: John McGuire
Drums, Percussion: James Dewees
Guitar: Ed Auletta

revenge. killed my hopes, called me names, broke my jaw, its always the same. nobody listens, there's no escape. i'm just like you, gave it my everything, nobody loves me, its driving me insane. why do you all hate me? everyone's against me. mommy don't care, daddy can't help. you made it hell everyday, called me names, i wanna die. maybe i can find a way to make you all just go away. i never lied, never cried, never fell, never crawled. i was just like you. now you'll pay with your fucking lives. i went to dad's closet, picked up his .45, grabbed 3 boxes of bullets, and on my hip it shall reside. til i opened the gym doors, you should have seen those fucks run. i poured out a full clip, in the back i got some. i finally found my smile, it's pure and blood stained. so who's the bitch now? i'll paint the lockers with your brains. nothing can help this fucking pain in my heart, nothing compares to the pain in my heart. no, nothing can take away this pain in my heart, but your blood on my hands well at least it's a start. (important: this song in no way condones violence in schools or anywhere else, its simply a song written from the point of view of a troubled soul who saw no way out. life's a bitch.)

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Throughout history, music has served as a society's barometer for social and political conditions. From Bob Dylan's folk protest anthems of the 60's, to a …

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