Catch Me If You Can


Vocals: Frank Iero
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Rob Hughes
Bass, Backing Vocals: John McGuire
Drums, Percussion: James Dewees
Guitar: Ed Auletta

i'll take an ear to feed the pigs, i'll bleed them all just to get my fix. a hooker's scream heard round the world, my sharpened knife begs to explore. the nypd ain't got shit on me. i'll carve them up with a flick of my wrist. you'll never find a fucking fingerprint. i'll run this world, i'll lie and steal. none can match my scalpel skill. the nypd ain't got shit on me. no rest, no rest, no fucking arrests. i'll paint this town blood red tonight, erase this scum from my fucking sight. a gift from god doing the devil's crimes, i set shit right one whore at a time. a gift from god doing the devil's crimes, i'll carve these bitches one slice at a time. you'd better catch me before i have my fun. (elements of this song taken from letters written by jack the ripper.)

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Throughout history, music has served as a society's barometer for social and political conditions. From Bob Dylan's folk protest anthems of the 60's, to a …

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