You Were The Cancer

Common Existence, Thursday

Bass: Tim Payne
Drums: Tucker Rule
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals: Andrew Everding
Vocals: Geoff Rickly
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Keeley
Guitar, Vocals: Steve Pedulla

It's the sigh of a building falling down
It's the world spinning us around
It's the slip of the surgeon's knife
And the darker crimes of common existence

It's a missile that's sleeping in the ground
It's a camera trying to photograph a sound
It's a case for the basic flaw:
The end of the film in the coming attractions

It's a cell that's spinning out of control
It's the light at the edge of a black hole,
The scream of an orchestra,
A total collapse or an over reaction

In your blood there is a sad sad song
Circulating through your nervous system
It's killing you and it's bringing me along.
You were the cancer in my life.
You were the cancer all the time.
You were the cancer and that's all you'll ever be.

It's the comfort in a bathtub full of ice.
It's the promise of a peaceful afterlife
From the string of a violin that's wound to tight
And it's gasping for oxygen.

It's a "signal" that sent out "over the air"
At the speed of a thousand unheard prayers
It's the faith in the chemicals:
A shot in the dark, the size of a particle.

It's the blood from a neon sign,
Trying to light a way through your insides,
Make a map of the badlands
Watch your life slip through your hands-
They're not for shaking.
They're not for praying.
They're just for holding close everything you love
In this fragile little dream.

I see you're coming down and no one knows where.
I see you're coming down with out a prayer.

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