As He Climbed The Dark Mountain

Common Existence, Thursday

Bass: Tim Payne
Drums: Tucker Rule
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals: Andrew Everding
Vocals: Geoff Rickly
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Keeley
Guitar, Vocals: Steve Pedulla

I've watched him walk away
To climb the endless shadow side
I've watched him holding on
It was a thousand years
A thousand miles, a thousand dreams, a thousand endings
With no goodbyes.
He disappeared from me
As he climbed the highest peak of the dark mountain.
Let the mountain sleep
In the past with all our bad dreams.
Was it a metaphor for all the subtle ways that we'd grow apart?
Was it mortality climbing him blind right off the edge of his life
Into the hands of a loving god?
Or a raging void where we get torn apart?
With his hands in the air,
Was he laughing and dancing or only just trying to wave goodbye?
Did he say a prayer for me as he climbed the highest peak of the dark mountain?
Let the mountain fall.
Strike me down until I can't go on.
Right now, let me fall down under the ground.
Do we go on alone?
It felt like a thousand years
It was a thousand miles away.

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For the last thirteen years, Thursday has been in a constant state of transition. Rising from New Brunswick, NJ, in the midst of a DIY …

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