Love Has Led Us Astray

Common Existence, Thursday

Bass: Tim Payne
Drums: Tucker Rule
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals: Andrew Everding
Vocals: Geoff Rickly
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Keeley
Guitar, Vocals: Steve Pedulla

They sold the old house,
Boarded up the rooms,
Just the way you wanted it.
They took your possessions
And gave them all away
With the ghost
You sing like the wind
In the trees at night
You think I'm asleep
But I'm awake for it.
Did you think you could hide so easily
That no one ever hears you when you say:
"love has led us astray,
Love won't let us leave."

First we're cut from the cloth
In imperfect shapes.
Then we're tied in a knot
And we're left to fray.
Can you even see
What you do to me
When you sleep in the leaves
And I can't wake you up
And you float like reed
In the riverbed?
If I dive to deep I can't hear you
But everyone else does.

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For the last thirteen years, Thursday has been in a constant state of transition. Rising from New Brunswick, NJ, in the midst of a DIY …

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