Resuscitation of a Dead Man

Common Existence, Thursday

Bass: Tim Payne
Drums: Tucker Rule
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals: Andrew Everding
Vocals: Geoff Rickly
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Keeley
Guitar, Vocals: Steve Pedulla

Ambulance, let me in.
Don't make me stay here.
Ambulance, hold your breath,
We're running short on air:
Breathe it in. Resuscitate.
At the edge, you see clearly.
I was dead now I'm back to life
And love is a fragile thing.
We all stand on a bridge
That's been slowly burning down.

Ambulance, take me back
To the house I was born in.
Ambulance, finish it.
Don't wake me up again.

Breathe in, breathe out. Resuscitate.
Blink if you're hearing this.
Are we clear?
Set the charge. Take the hit.
Clear! Just one more time:
Breathe it in, breathe it in,
While there's still time.

We could be the heartbeat
And everything nine-tenths collapsed
Would come back to life.
We could be the breath of air
Pushed into the lungs of the dying.
Can you feel a pulse?
It's been stopped for so long.
Can you start it?
Let's restart it.
With a kick drum hit
With a thousand voices
With a single word:
Live, live, live.

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For the last thirteen years, Thursday has been in a constant state of transition. Rising from New Brunswick, NJ, in the midst of a DIY …

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