Excite Dyke

Astral Rejection, I Set My Friends On Fire

Vocals, Programming, Composer: Matt Mehana
Drums, Programming, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, Composer: Chris Lent

Downwards, Encompassing, Apocryphal, Ceilings. Stealing the sustenance from my Feelings. Reality is a user-defined parameter. The Giant Sequoia fell I was there to hear it. Giving, receiving acceptance is deceiving. When it stops admitting you quite believing. Nestled in emission nebula, growing in an impenetrable sphere. In minutes I was a dexy whale beached on another continent. Just another wash up… Their in awe keep doing the Capoeira. Please look away man, ignore the heads twitching out of my side. Exit the doom room, it's eating from the womb. I have no place to hide. Sweating like I invented the fever, the past must be created. He said calculating in prisms begin to quickly overwhelm, Then he grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me into another realm. Begged me to stare into his crystal balls of emptiness, I then realized I was scared of nothing that I couldn't miss. Your glimmer which used to blind me, with intensity is tarnishing quickly my inquiry, exasperated, no longer illuminated, but unaware of my increasing insanity. They kept fucking in front of me. Until they turned the same shade. You don't know about the last rays of sunlight. Hurricanes made of fire stretched to the stratosphere. Hyperlinks scattered on the carpet, how the fuck did I get here? Let go gallantly, or however you prefer, someone else got credit for, your spirit and valor.

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I Set My Friends On Fire

I Set My Friends On Fire

I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE have always followed their own musical path and that's evident by listening to just a few seconds of the …

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