CACAFUEGO, Nuestra Señora de la Concepción!

Astral Rejection, I Set My Friends On Fire

Vocals, Programming, Composer: Matt Mehana
Drums, Programming, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, Composer: Chris Lent

I'll pay you to make me a treasure map of a cave, inside another cave, where I promise to behave. When your settings are erased, you never know what's laced. Chasing young girls after shots of whisky. And I'm gonna gun an island. Make my mark and you are my brand. That's nice! (ruin her snout) That's fresh. (before I pull out) That's tight… How’d they squeeze that in a stuffed cat? And I wont… Be a freak, until after I get my test results next week. Expostulate about avoidable lessons being taught. Murder the conductor, in your train of thought. Post synaptic inhibitions of quite adorable yawns. Myocardial infarctions, tranquil motor neurons. I'm afraid that is incurable, our nexus isn't durable. OH - Suppressing Infrared Integral field spectrograph, you need something to put between those dramatic heliopauses. A little extra needed for the next few scenes. Stay mute, let me begin to unzip my jeans. Far more lurid than a Defibrillator. Can't say I'm still the right, Combinator. Misplaced, misfired, unequivocally missed. Crossword puzzled cruciverbalist. I'm afraid that is incurable, our nexus isn't durable. Bee bullets cause for natural bereavement, I shot, they stung, but it was an accident, an accident, was your added supplement. Feels good outside, detoxified, from your inside. Apart from the obvious dangers of being wrong, becoming complacent... Will tell us that we have no choice. When we actually do. Is that a new… Surprise to you? Asymmetrical formation and spatial distribution. Such a customary way of behavior, and evolution! The shortest path between two points... is still a distance. All metric places have lost their Paris. Infinite Suck The word love is nothing like the word confetti, you can't just throw it around in the air like that for fun. For fun… Are you sad, now I can hardly tell. If you're being tortured momentarily, you're most likely searching for a new hell. Drippin' wet with something savory I, insert of token of salutation for you to remember me by. The experiments have no names. And surely no purposes. You can call it a tradition. But they don't really sting that bad now, anyhow… Get back on that icy examination table, after all… It's only your first audition. IT'S ONLY YOUR FIRST AUDITION! Man, I can't wait to see the failing premier. Chats with Japura are not what they really appear. Showed her photos of herself. The river formed a slightly... deformed crest. She told me living is just a placement exam, to find the best. Rearrange their legs, anxious florists. He is a glacier, Camellia's a fault line. Small white ivories gash her knuckle, struggling against their bodies and mine. You want them to all know your name? You tell me when… The camera's still rolling and there's ten hungry waiting men.

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I Set My Friends On Fire

I Set My Friends On Fire

I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE have always followed their own musical path and that's evident by listening to just a few seconds of the …

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