Astral Rejection, I Set My Friends On Fire

Vocals, Programming, Composer: Matt Mehana
Drums, Programming, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Guitars, Composer: Chris Lent

I don't associate myself with egotistical people, that's why I don't talk to myself. Diabolical heat waves of ingenuity singe the back of our crouching necks, hauling towards our calloused selves then repudiates and wrecks. Asterisk, tisk, tisk. Gaping instruments are a health risk. Can't seem to influence a single tier, posture here, is rigorously austere. Where's this offensive… stench coming from? It's modern music’s… blistered leaking rectum. Morpheme hellion hangs by tail suspensions augmentation, even if I cut it off it will still move to humor the slain motivation. Duties are to assure no asinine obstinacies roam these appellations, caterwauls aggrandize the jittery sensation of cowardly trepidations

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I Set My Friends On Fire

I Set My Friends On Fire

I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE have always followed their own musical path and that's evident by listening to just a few seconds of the …

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