Drifter, Heartsounds

Guitars, Vocals: Laura Nichol
Guitars, Vocals: Ben Murray
Drums: Trey Derbes
Bass: Kyle Camarillo

Ten years strong without a second's pause
Do you ever stop to think how far we've come?
Once teenage punks so starry-eyed and young,
With the simple dream of never growing up,
Well the times have changed...
But we've stayed the same,
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I look back our time spent away from home,
All the soaring highs and the crushing lows,
I couldn't have made it out alive without your love.

Remember the time we saw our lives flash before our eyes,
On that coastal highway in the dead of night?
Well since then I've been holding tight,
Because I saw what I stood to lose,
And I couldn't imagine living without you,
By my side through my constant fight,
to make it through this life alive.

Did you ever imagine we'd be here?
Well here's to ten more years.
This world is ours, so let's burn it to the ground.
It can try its best, but it'll never stop us now.

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Progressing on their sophomore follow-up album to their 2010 Epitaph debut Until We Surrender, Heartsounds reach a new level of maturity and diversity without …

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