I Have Nobody To Betray

Drifter, Heartsounds

Guitars, Vocals: Laura Nichol
Guitars, Vocals: Ben Murray
Drums: Trey Derbes
Bass: Kyle Camarillo

Last night, my friend, you turned water into wine
over and over
and drank it all down
and lit up the town
And now I’ve got something in common with those people I always hated
Waiting on a man
to come back and fix everything

Well, I can hear the waves crash
Are you walking an ocean path?
You’re gone, and I don’t think you’ll ever come back.
The pieces will lie where they fell
there is no way to fit them back into this broken jigsaw

You are dead to me
And I don’t wanna wait for your ghost to be resurrected.
I never have and I never will believe.
Faith and miracles became invisible
he day you left
You’re gone, and I’m done with waiting.

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Progressing on their sophomore follow-up album to their 2010 Epitaph debut Until We Surrender, Heartsounds reach a new level of maturity and diversity without …

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