One Last Loveshove

The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed, SNFU

Vocals: Ken Chinn
Guitar: Marc Belke
Guitar: Brent Belke
Bass: Rob Johnson
Drums: Dave Rees

Give me your shoes and them I'll lick
Give me your feet and them I'll kiss
Because I would never want to hurt you
And if I did, you know just what I'd do
I'd throw myself off of a bridge
Toss myself off the highest cliff
Hang myself from the rafters above
Because I could not live without your love
When you drop your dress, I drop to my knees
You know me, so eager to please
Because I would never want you to hate me
And if you did, you know just what I'd do...
But wait I just had a change of heart
I no longer need you to cater to my wants
You need care to make it work both ways
You are now free to go your own way...

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Formed in Edmonton in the early '80s, SNFU has been one of the best and longest living of Canada's indie punk bands. Led by brothers …

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