Bizarre Novelties

The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed, SNFU

Vocals: Ken Chinn
Guitar: Marc Belke
Guitar: Brent Belke
Bass: Rob Johnson
Drums: Dave Rees

I find it hard to talk
with a black ball in my mouth
Impossible to fart
with carrots up my ass
My neighbors think I'm weird
I do agree
Whatever turns your crank
Are you into bizarre novelties?
I find it hard to walk
with my thumbs screwed into the floor
I travel to strange places
when left alone I explore

My neighbors think I'm sick
I do agree
Do not try this at home
unless your into bizarre novelties

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Formed in Edmonton in the early '80s, SNFU has been one of the best and longest living of Canada's indie punk bands. Led by brothers …

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