Big Thumbs

The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed, SNFU

Vocals: Ken Chinn
Guitar: Marc Belke
Guitar: Brent Belke
Bass: Rob Johnson
Drums: Dave Rees

Ashtray balanced on my chest
Sucking on a cigarette
If I don't burn in hell
I just might burn in bed
Staring into a glowing red ember
on a chilly morning in September
I look out my front window
and realize that the walk needs shoveling
Oh my head aches
whenever I'm listening to you
Oh my head aches
whenever I'm thinking of you
Underneath the snowbank
I found myself a big thumb
Found myself a rusty dime
I put that big thumb in my pocket
The damn thing stayed there until it rotted
Now I keep it in a pickle jar
I wonder who it once belonged to?

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Formed in Edmonton in the early '80s, SNFU has been one of the best and longest living of Canada's indie punk bands. Led by brothers …

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