At Home We Are Tourists, Settle

Vocals, Guitar, Synth: Dave Goletz
Drums: Willie Rose
Bass, Vocals: Chris Burcin
Guitar, Vocals, Synth: Nick Rose

I was trying hard to remember her name, it’s been so long since I’d seen her last. Her face was the only thing that remained, pale and innocent on a scandalous frame. She was sitting cross-legged, her foot like a clock, ticking nervously it never stopped. She swallowed my face and devoured my eyes. I hadn’t changed, she knew I hadn’t changed. She’s just a memory now. “Murder,” she cried, “you devil, give back what you’ve taken form me.” “Murder,” she cried, “you devil, you knew me once and you threw me away.” At night we’d walk under the trees, we’d joke about being burnt by the moon. She always said she wanted everything, she held my hand tighter as we neared a park bench. Nostalgia’s king when you’re night are alone, I swam his seas before I found someone. And there she was, locking eyes with a stranger. She was busy wishing she had time to change this. She’s just a memory now.

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Anyone who thinks that rock n' roll dreams still can't come true apparently hasn't heard Settle's story. Although the four-piece rock act technically formed back …

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