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At Home We Are Tourists, Settle

Vocals, Guitar, Synth: Dave Goletz
Drums: Willie Rose
Bass, Vocals: Chris Burcin
Guitar, Vocals, Synth: Nick Rose

She stands guarded and secure, confident she has what it takes to hold the attention of wandering desperate eyes. Anxious men want her but they don’t know how to show it, so they stand too, blood thirsty and lonely. There she goes, dancing alone again. There she goes, cigarette in her hand. There he is, walking over to say hello. There he is, a little boy with the heart of a man. Night after night they come, night after night she takes them home. Day after day they wake up and run, Desperate men who still haven’t grown up. She plays the role well fueling fire interactions, they can’t help searching for a temporary distraction. Like something to take them away from the pain of routine, their humdrum boring lives, counting on this and that.

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Anyone who thinks that rock n' roll dreams still can't come true apparently hasn't heard Settle's story. Although the four-piece rock act technically formed back …

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