Into The Mind Of Those Who Commit Desperate Acts While Under The Influence Of Others

At Home We Are Tourists, Settle

Vocals, Guitar, Synth: Dave Goletz
Drums: Willie Rose
Bass, Vocals: Chris Burcin
Guitar, Vocals, Synth: Nick Rose

The sound of a gun the crack of a flame are you laughing or screaming because it all sounds the same my picture in tabloids they’ll never forget the day I was born was their final regret. I know what they’ll say about me. I guess I’m not worried. They never said anything before. I’ve got nothing left to lose you held the knife to my neck so this is what you get. Go ahead, raise your hands high there’s nothing up there now. I’ve got nothing left to lose. The sound of your voices the itch in my finger am I bluffing or betting on the feel of this trigger you will remember everything that I’ve done the next time this happens you’ll see I’m not alone.

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Anyone who thinks that rock n' roll dreams still can't come true apparently hasn't heard Settle's story. Although the four-piece rock act technically formed back …

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