the few that remain

This Will Be The Death Of Us, Set Your Goals

Guitars: Audelio Flores, Jr
Bass: Joseph Saucedo
Drums: Michael Ambrose
Vocals: Matt Wilson
Vocals, Guitars: Jordan Brown
Guitars: Daniel Coddaire

Come on and break down and show us who you are. Memorable first impressions only get you far when you stay true from beginning to end. Flexing all your morals, your environment will bend back as you bend crooked. Come on and break down fake personas from your art. I used to hang on every verse when my days would get hard. Flash forward to present day and time: a fraud, a hoax, a method actor reading scripted lines back. Why’d you take that path? There’s no way back. We are the spark that once would ignite a pilot light burning deep in your heart. The start of making yourself out to be bigger than you really are. Conscience is calling. Come and shut it up. Yeah, and I know life gets rough sometimes and big dollars take the pressure off of hard times, but gluttony’s a sin and hunger will not let you win if you don’t get a grip. Use some self will to control it, hold it. I see you ready, set, go. With unqualified pride, orders of your disguise explode. Watch us double up on those who try to intimidate unaware eyes. Fabrications of a buster living within a lie. If you come back you’ll have to get through all of us. You instilled, helped to build a belief within me that I carry to this day. You passed the torch and cared no more. What a shame. Who’s to blame when the mighty fall from grace? Go settle up with the kids fed up. This time we want for you to man on up right and account for all your crimes. I want you to say it. I wanna know why you abandoned this and now hate it. Just why? But you don’t know why. Such an elusive, guileful, meaningless sham. Come on and break down. Who’s to blame? Tell me who. Who’s to blame, take the shame, now when the mighty fall from grace?

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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have always followed their own musical path and that fact has never been as evident as it is on the band's third …

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