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This Will Be The Death Of Us, Set Your Goals

Guitars: Audelio Flores, Jr
Bass: Joseph Saucedo
Drums: Michael Ambrose
Vocals: Matt Wilson
Vocals, Guitars: Jordan Brown
Guitars: Daniel Coddaire

Wait, I’m feeling it again. Had lost touch from gut to head ‘til we crossed a path and met and I got scared just for a bit because I had been doing alright without a someone in my sights, but I am changing and quickly. Why does it hurt when we invest into an excitable sense? When waiting anxious for return, getting pushed a way discerns but I am wanting to try it again and let another someone in. They’re saving me. I jump through a wall when I pick apart faults that I’ve made in the past that caused affection to pass. I want to learn from mistakes, I want it to be OK if I hold on tighter. Don’t be afraid to find a way. Communicate your thoughts when it’s your own line. Better to know, get “yes” or “no,” than wonder if it was worth the… Wait, wait, I’m feeling it again. Reminds me of being a kid jumping on every seat in a moving car. It’s life like the movies where we are on basement show weekends, trying our hands at pop-punk bands. All music, sharing everything that means the most. I’m getting so nervous scripting out these thoughts. I’m hoping I really don’t mess this part up. Communication is something I still don’t get, but if you work with me I’m sure to make it. Mean something to you like you to me, to mean something that we both mean… Mean something to you like you to me, we have a lot in ourselves. Wait, I’m feeling it again. That excitable sense, and it’s my own line: How long will you offer me stability when I have none to give in return? My only hope is that when Winter comes to this lonely beach town this year you’d be willing to make time for me again. You’re what makes this place the closest thing I have to home and I can’t help thinking that maybe this won’t last, but I am hoping that someday those thoughts will fade and things will change for us. I know they can.

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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have always followed their own musical path and that fact has never been as evident as it is on the band's third …

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