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This Will Be The Death Of Us, Set Your Goals

Guitars: Audelio Flores, Jr
Bass: Joseph Saucedo
Drums: Michael Ambrose
Vocals: Matt Wilson
Vocals, Guitars: Jordan Brown
Guitars: Daniel Coddaire

We are intent only on our own gain. Tune in and avert your eyes to the blank telescreen. They’re watching you sleep, telling you to eat what could be soylent green. Now look away and go back to bed. They will get what they need when we sleep, work and play, when we consume and obey. Because we are all born in to a controlled mindset. Godmoney makes a death threat on ethics. Governed by greed and a stale routine. Can we just justify the means if we’re plugged in, tuned out? We all need to wake up because we’ve been detached for too long. We need to deprogram from shifting with the public eye. We have a right to question why. See through the lies, re-sensitize, and look closer. Get schooled, get married, get it on. Start a family. Hurry, move along. You might start to think, make a different move, lose your only mind that you’ve never used anyway. Walk on the white line. Brainwashed. Walk on the same side. Brain dead. It’s secure and safe like you need it all to be. And look closer in. They Live, We Sleep. Wide awake, fully aware, on a quest to find out where the dream turned into a scare, a fascinating new nightmare. They want benign complacency. This is where we start to look closer. Wake up.

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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have always followed their own musical path and that fact has never been as evident as it is on the band's third …

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