Too Much Grey

Down By Law, Down By Law

Vocals, Guitar: Dave Smalley
Drums: Dave Naz
Bass: Ed Urlik
Guitar: Chris Bagarozzi

it's time to make the break
make life accelerate
lying there won't make you great
sleep doesn't make you see
just take a chance on life
some chances won't come twice
it could be everything
never know til you try
it's not a black and white world
there's too much grey
and sometimes truth lies hidden
when you need to know the way
and you know that your black
could be someone's white
but the more you're
thinking like them
the more they could be right
you've got seventy years
to make a difference here
you won't get there it's clear
living your life in fear
and so I look at you
your three piece suit of blue
you dragon slayer, you
St. George never fought for fold
everybody wants to be a
pillar of strength
and an overflowing vessel
of truth
but stand up, look around
take a little step
and find what you can do
now don't burn every bridge
don't be afraid to cross
it could be everything
never know til you try

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Down By Law

Down By Law

Over the last 6 years, Down by Law has come to be known as a band of skilled songwriting and burning intensity, spawning audiences all …

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