Down By Law - Last Of The Sharpshooters
Album Details

U.S. Release Date: July 29, 2008

E.U. Release Date: August 26, 1997

Label: Epitaph

Recording Year: 1997

UPC/EAN Code: 45778650163

Last Of The Sharpshooters

Down By Law

About Last Of The Sharpshooters by Down By Law

A powerful, lyrically dark, intensely driven record with the burning emotions that helped create the band's reputation. This fifth Epitaph release is a testament to the bands hard work and talent. It proves that real punk rock can remain true to itself, while breaking down musical barriers.

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Down By Law

Down By Law

Over the last 6 years, Down by Law has come to be known as a band of skilled songwriting and burning intensity, spawning audiences all …

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