Right Or Wrong

Down By Law, Down By Law

Vocals, Guitar: Dave Smalley
Drums: Dave Naz
Bass: Ed Urlik
Guitar: Chris Bagarozzi

under the sky
you see me walk alone
you wonder why
I honestly don't know
to be alone tonight
to find the answers
what's wrong or tight
your right or wrong
how can I see
your right or wrong
which will it be
your right or wrong
how can I know
your right or wrong
which way to go?
lying awake at night
thinking of all the things
I have to do
and things I should have done
decisions to be made
I see the path
is it the way?
I know the answers out there
if I keep looking, will I find it?
the answers in the night
and if I find it, what then?
what then?

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Down By Law

Down By Law

Over the last 6 years, Down by Law has come to be known as a band of skilled songwriting and burning intensity, spawning audiences all …

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