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The Special Goodness began in 1969 inside an infant named Patrick Wilson, and like all things worth while has taken some time to realize it's full potential...
Pat took a couple of stabs at forming a band, sometimes with friends, sometimes with recording equipment and lots of ideas. One result of this was what is known among the hardcore fans as "The Bunny Record", released only in Japan in 1996 (to a warm reception) .

Some time later Pat had some time to experiment, and recruited friends Lee on drums and Pat F. on bass. A short tour occured in summer '99. Then Mikey W. came in on bass and more extensive touring occurred around the USA, on and off for about six months in late '99 and spring '00 (also to warm reception). On this tour, they sold various homemade editions of a cd that contained the same music as the bunny record, but had different d.i.y. cover art, in many cases one of a kind made-on-the-spot cover art. [various examples of this art to be posted here asap] ...And then things were quiet for a while.

It's now 2000 and while rehearsing with Weezer in Los Angeles, Pat runs into old pal Atom who had recently left his band of nearly ten years, Rocket From The Crypt. After swapping some hot rodding fish tales they made plans to get together and jam. Pat and Atom played as much as they could and even played a show [at The Mint in L.A.], but nothing really got going until 2001.

When Pat finished his parts on Weezer's green album he went back to Portland and recorded the "Pinecone" record. Done in his house by himself he was able to develop some songs and ideas he was tossing around,and though happy with the outcome, he felt it was still missing something.

That's when things started to click.
Pat and Atom began rehearsing heavily and in late 2001 recorded a demo with expert knobsman Joe Barresi and bassist Scott Shriner. Really happy with the results, they played it for everybody they knew. One of those people was Murphy Karges of Sugar Ray, who was a friend of Atom's. Murphy rehearsed with the guys and ended up doing several shows with the SG from November '01 untill summer '02, but was unable to commit the time to keep going with the band. So the hunt was on for a new bass man again.

Before a bass man could be located, a new album needed to be made, and Pat and Atom holed up with engineer Chad Bamford to craft "Land Air Sea", which they then independently released on their own N.O.S. Recordings on March 4th, 2003. It gained immediate KROQ-L.A. airplay for "Life Goes By", which was the first single, and lots of scatterd radio attention throughout the USA. As of April 2003, the campaign of touring and promotion for the album is just hitting its stride, and a video for "Life Goes By" is in the works.

Enter Jeb Lewis, a Seattle based Atom buddy who has the skills, the time, and the gumption to step up to the challenges of the SG. He jumped in and kicked it large starting with the March '03 West Coast club tour, and has continued rocking it out with the guys ever since.

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The Special Goodness

The Special Goodness

The Special Goodness began in 1969 inside an infant named Patrick Wilson, and like all things worth while has taken some time to realize it's …

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