The Special Goodness get another great album review!

Monster melody from this two-piece band, the latest side project of Weezer drummer Pat Wilson. In the same way that Wilson's previous side project, the Rentals, was New Wave-y, the big, crashing sound of the Special Goodness is classically grungy; vintage Nirvana, or maybe Love Battery. The difference is the angst -- there is scarcely any here. Even a song about betrayal is called, dorkily enough, "Oops." Weezer obsessives will eat it up; fans of the Foo Fighters likely will too. "You know I'd like to see everybody get along with everyone," Wilson croons on the opening track. "But that's not gonna happen." He's not angry or miserable about it, just slightly wistful. That won't stop him from seeking the giddy pleasures of near-perfect power pop. He'll keep waiting for "kisses in the sun," as he belts on one track. Judging by the warmth of this batch of tunes, he's getting plenty of those.

-James Sullivan
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