Youthanize, The Color of Violence

Guitars, Bass, Drums: Derek Bloom
Vocals: Travis Richter

Drag your carcass out of bed and into the revolution,
Or sleep through it all instead and take the credit.
Ain't that the fashion of the rich human pollution?
And all of you accredited anarchists feel free
To bring your wet nurses and prized possessions to war.

You wanna buy into the good fight?
There's no better time
I am your clenched fist, personified.
But if you wanna stay home and jerk off
To pictures on facebook that's fine
Or if you've got a gun,
And a couple of bucks we can youthanize.

..we can youthanize.

Change!? Change!? Can you spare any change??
Can you spare any?
I didn't think you could.

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The Color of Violence

The Color of Violence

The Color of Violence is collaboration between two dudes, between many dudes, between too many dudes.

The beginning often is looked at as the end, …

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