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The Color of Violence is collaboration between two dudes, between many dudes, between too many dudes.

The beginning often is looked at as the end, and in this case it can be summed up in one word(s),"Skeleton Slaughter vs. Fetus Destroyer". This early incarnation of the Color of Violence was a grind/noise band with members Derek Bloom, Travis Richter, Matt Good, Joey Antillion and Chad Crews. The group quickly changed the name to the Color of Violence, and put out a self made 3 song EP and saw one tour in early 2003, which went down in history as most efficient use of a '97 Corolla.

The band parted ways after this never to return to its original state and the EP is one of the most sought after cult releases in history among the enormous network of extreme music enthusiasts whose existence itself has yet to be verified. 

But you see this wasn't the end, only the beginning!... Just like I was saying before a couple paragraphs up! On a boring winter day in Albany, GA original Color of Violence members Derek and Travis decided to put their home recording studio to work and write some random songs. The point was simple; create something that was short and to the point, in your face and colliding all the musical tastes they had acquired up until that point.

The creation of "God Gave Me Deeze Nutz" and "I Hate Rice" got a lot of positive reaction online so the two felt compelled to show their new musical concoction to their friends at Epitaph.   It wasn't long before Brett Gurewitz called them and offered to sign them to the label. Soon after the signing the boys vanished, but before their departure they swore that they would return one day to fulfill their duties and commitments to Epitaph and create a full length record... and that time is now... My God...

The creation of the group's first full length album Youthanize began in November of 2008 in the sleepy town of Valdosta, GA. The group enlisted the help of several other talented and creative people, including but not limited to Jon Syverson from Daughters, Joel Coan from the Felix Culpa, Matt Manning from this one band whose name escapes me at the moment (but I remember them not being all that impressive), Matt Mihana from I Set My Friends On Fire, and Wes Borland, of Wes Borland fame.

The bulk of the record was improvised in the studio as it has always been the custom for the Color of Violence's creative endeavors. This allows for maximum lulz and minimal accountability. The album was engineered and recorded by Lee Dyess at EarthSound Recording who has been a lifelong friend of the group and offers minimal resistance when said group decides on things like robotripping before tracking guitars. Little known fact about Lee is that on top of being almost transparent when exposed to direct sunlight it is also believed that if you connected all the freckles on his body you would find 444 alchemic symbols and a portal into the next dimension. This dimension is the only place the Color of Violence has been known/proven to sell records. 

The sound of the album is a topic of much controversy, however most critics along with the band itself find the title of coaster music most fitting. This meaning that the disc is generally of better use as a coaster. In a gesture of acceptance, the band has put waterproof sealant on all hard copies of the album to maximize their efficiency.

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The Color of Violence

The Color of Violence

The Color of Violence is collaboration between two dudes, between many dudes, between too many dudes.

The beginning often is looked at as the end, …

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