Not As Bad

Burning At Both Ends, Set Your Goals

Vocals: Matt Wilson
Guitars, Vocals: Jordan Brown
Guitars: Audelio Flores, Jr
Guitars: Dan Coddaire
Bass: Joe Saucedo
Drums: Mike Ambrose

It came in third to everything. I need you to get here and pencil in anything. So many switches end the silence. I want to shout it out and resonate a new way. All the long days we couldn't always read the short way or read correctly. Please redirect me. If it stays here make it not too late to get lost. Always anticipating blame. I am aging here for all of the things that will be new again. It's not as bad as everyone says. Drink through what you can see through. If it breaks the rules they gave you, take it off. Amnesia helps to get you there when you can't remember how to. Let the cars do what they will do when the train derails, ditching the tracks for the town. Take this as your moment to fly. Never back down when Jekyll'ed hands are idling to Hyde personable personalities for fear of being found out, left behind. I'm younger guns traveling Eastward and up; making good on claims to shove West when gold country washes prospects in again. Let's rewrite nostalgic laws, scream our lungs and walk past Oz. Walk past foreign dreams to know it all because we are young. We are young, we are undone, and we know just what's good for us. True and real things can be touched and felt and told without tongues. We search for the answers.

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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals have always followed their own musical path and that fact has never been as evident as it is on the band's third …

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