Exit Summer

Burning At Both Ends, Set Your Goals

Vocals: Matt Wilson
Guitars, Vocals: Jordan Brown
Guitars: Audelio Flores, Jr
Guitars: Dan Coddaire
Bass: Joe Saucedo
Drums: Mike Ambrose

I know that things have never come too easily for us and with every door that opened, a dozen seem to shut. We took a crash course in how to co-exist but we never once expected this. We paved the way for others and we did it all ourselves, never slowing down or asking anyone for help. Conviction came when no one else believed in us. And will you regret all that we've done and all the sacrifices for the songs? Will you even look back when it's gone, when there's nobody left to sing along? We had nothing left to lose and we had everything to learn. We didn't give a damn if home was there when we returned. We jumped into the seat, drove straight into the dark. We couldn't wait to disembark. We learned about each other more with every place we went. We learned that we had more than just ourselves to represent. We tried so hard to keep from hitting self-destruct. All we are is taking one more song. Heaven and Hell are both depending on how we bond. How we all relate to circumstance. Took the call and took a chance that leaves us looking up and helps us to grow up. Don't let it slip away. When every break we got would come with such bad luck, the others gave and took. We're not oblivious.

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Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals

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