Punk-O-Rama - Punk-O-Rama Vol. 8
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U.S. Release Date: May 20, 2003

E.U. Release Date: May 19, 2003

Punk-O-Rama Vol. 8


About Punk-O-Rama Vol. 8 by Punk-O-Rama

The redefinition of the punk rock compilation is upon us... This 2-disk, 31-track set is the quintessential collection of punk rock anthems for the next century. The albums feature Punk-O-Rama veterans like Rancid, Pennywise, Bad Religion and Millencolin, along with a ton of new comers and groundbreakers like Motion City Soundtrack, Sage Francis, The Black Keys, Ikara Colt, Atmosphere, and The Transplants! All of this insanely killer music for the nice price of $6.98! That's only 22 cents a track people!