F-Minus - Suburban Blight
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U.S. Release Date: June 19, 2001

E.U. Release Date: June 6, 2001

Label: Hellcat/Epitaph

Recording Year: 2001

UPC/EAN Code: 45778043668

Suburban Blight


About Suburban Blight by F-Minus

When speaking of "old-school punk," one band is sure to be mentionioned: F-Minus. Their second album for Hellcat brings with it a level of rabidity, intensity, and fury impossible of feigning. From the first track to the last, the album explodes with ungodly speed and attacks everything from politics and religion to misery and the human condition. The entire band shares vocal duties throughout the record and are all equally severe. It will only take a second for you to be grasped by the veracity of this record.

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F-Minus - F-Minus

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F-Minus formed in 1997 in Huntington Beach. They began modestly with some definite goals in mind. The area they originated from was awash in too …

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