Huge Hellcat update: Punks Vs. Psychos tour & much more!

Punks Vs Psychos Tour - ROUND TWO!
It's been a couple year's, but there couldn't be a better time for Round Two of the Punks Vs Psychos tour...

Tiger Army has finished recording their brand new release titled "Ghost Tigers Rise" and they will be hitting the road when the Punks Vs Psychos dates start on April 2nd on the west coast. Tickets are already on sale for all April shows as the tour runs April through June. The first leg will be helmed by Tiger Army, The Business, Roger Miret And The Disasters, F- Minus and U.S. Roughnecks.

Speaking of U.S. Roughnecks, Big Jay Bastard, (U.S. Roughnecks bass player), has just finished recording (Tim Armstrong producing) the new Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards record! Lars And The Bastards will be joining the Punks Vs Psychos Tour very soon. The new Bastards & Tiger Army records come out June 29th!

Also, be on the lookout for new Nekromantix and U.S. Roughnecks releases in April and May which will coincide with the Punks Vs Psychos dates; also joining up on the tour will be the HorrorPops, Nekromantix and The Hunns.