Radio Ragga

All Scratched Up!, Down By Law

Bass: John DiMambro
Vocals, Guitar: Dave Smalley
Guitar: Sam Williams
Drums: Hunter Oswald

oh rodney won't you play this song tonight?
O radio can you save my soul tonight?
Cause we saw you standing there
please don't deny it
waiting for the show to start
I left feeling low -- did you feel the same way I did?
Alone with a broken heart
so radio radio get us through the night
when pop heroes go down without a fight
500 parkas were in the house tonight
looking good and feeling right
cigarettes were burning bright
that dance hall it was out of sight!
Time to set this place alight
but let's be honest now
now let the truth be told
the only salvation for us tonight is to turn on the radio
so rodney -- we need you tonight
oh rodney won't you play this song tonight?
O radio can you save our ship tonight?
And now I guess the night is done
there's nothing's left open and no place for fun
so we turn on the radio
light a fuse cause i'm about to blow
the streets are empty
my heart is heavy
so slowly I will go
by the neon lights of the city glow
just pick one out for me
make it loud and hard and fast
play the songs that we love
cause the modern world just kicked our ass
just pick one out for us
loud and deep and true
play the songs that we love
when the heroes still came through

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Down By Law

Down By Law

Over the last 6 years, Down by Law has come to be known as a band of skilled songwriting and burning intensity, spawning audiences all …

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