Slo mo video

Teenage Rampage, Dangerous!


How do I know with the bedroom light
Down so low I lost my sight
Not gonna let go cause she's worth thefight
As I watch in slo mo in the moonlight night

C'mon baby let go let go
One more drink put your body on show
Everybody's watchin you watchin you
in slomo video

Yeah your drowning underwater in slo mo
Try to throw a punch but its too slow
Its summer time baby take your clothes off
Put your body on show
Slo Mo Video


Slo mo
What do you expect?
C'mon catch up with me
Slo mo
I just want you to see me

Can you see me in Slomo
Pick up on all the right info
oh baby I don't think so


Whoa put your body on show
Whoa In Slo mo video

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Teenage Rampage, the debut album from Dangerous!, was recorded in LA with Grammy nominated producer Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Pantera) and mixed by Marc McClusky …

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