Movers N Shakers

Teenage Rampage, Dangerous!


So this ones for the movers and the shakers
Not the stone cold money makers
Or the air heads with the cool blue skin
They got it all on the dance floor

Raise my glass to you
To the movers n shakers baby yeah
Cause i know what you goin' through
Yeah i been there too

Ya try to make the world spin the other way
the fucking artist, I'm not a slave
Sweat and blood yeah we gotta get payed
and there's still no god damn


Raise my glass to you, the movers n shakers
I raise my glass to you, Alright

And now were outta control
You can't stop us now we're spinning the world


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Teenage Rampage, the debut album from Dangerous!, was recorded in LA with Grammy nominated producer Ulrich Wild (Deftones, Pantera) and mixed by Marc McClusky …

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