Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season
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U.S. Release Date: September 30, 2008

Label: Epitaph

Recording Year: 2008

UPC/EAN Code: 45778700660

Suicide Season

Bring Me The Horizon

About Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon

It;s not often scene kids, screamo fans and metal-heads can agree on a band, but after BMTH's explosive rise in popularity, culminating in their breakout performances at Vans Warped Tour this summer, fans of all three genres have found their new favorite band. With a wildly-anticipated new album and a full U.S. tour on the way, Britain's hottest up-and-comers are on track to conquer the country this fall.

Hailing from Sheffield, England, Oliver Sykes (vocals), Matt Nicholls (drums), Curtis Ward (guitar), Matt Kean (bass) and Lee Malia (guitar) formed BMTH in 2004 and began setting the UK ablaze with blistering performances across the country. By 2006 the band had already won Kerrang!'s "Best British Newcomers" award and toured with groups like Killswitch Engage, Aiden and Bleeding Through. Later that fall the group unleashed their debut album, Count Your Blessings, which further cemented their place among the metalcore elite.

In April 2008 the group entered the studio with legendary producer Fredrik Norstrom (Arch Enemy, In Flames, At the Gates) in an isolated area of Sweden, where they recorded their sophomore album, Suicide Season.

BMTH's experiences over the past few years, for better or worse, have shaped them into more passionate musicians, no longer content with ten tracks of straight up chugging and screaming (although ferociously heavy tracks such as "Sleep with One Eye Open" and "No Need For Introductions" remain). Instead, the vocals are more varied, guitars more atmospheric and the drums are a pure driving force. BMTH have opted to explore the limits of their sound and abilities, resulting in tracks that will make you think as much as bang your head.

Suicide Season's opening track, "The Comedown," foreshadows the album's brutal intentions with sharp chainsaw riffs, pistol-whipping beats and snarling vocals that will send fans into a windmilling frenzy. The album's immediacy continues with songs like the moody hardcore meltdown "Chelsea Smile" and the prog-screamo sing along "The Sadness Will Never End," and doesn't let up until the last notes of the album-ending title track. Suicide Season is the perfect soundtrack to a life spent on the edge, where the rules don't apply and darkness rules. November is Suicide Season...

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aMeRicA 2o22 hEaDLiNe tOuR 🖤 tiCKeTs oN saLE tHiS fRiDAy 10aM L0caL tImE

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