Castles In The Air

Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects

Drums: Dan Searle
Vocals: Sam Carter
Guitar, Keyboards: Tom Searle
Bass: Alex Dean

This is the be all, the end all // The burden, the blessing // I've made promises that I know I can't keep // Drink from the holy grail, you'll find it's bittersweet // No matter what he says, Poison is not my friend // But he'll have my back until the bitter end // Always climbing but only ever descending // The canvas before me is never ending // So call for the crossroads if you're lost in the woods // If I drop this torch then I'll be gone for good // I said “enough is enough” // Well I guess I lied // All my mistakes will outlive me // I just can't accept that what will be, will be // My lungs are failing // I can't catch my breath // I don't know why, but right now I'm scared to death // My fear still sees, when my eyes are closed // But the blames on me, this is the path I chose // I wasted time building castles in the air // If there's peace to be found, I won't find it there.

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  1. 5.24.2024
    München, Germany
    Olympiastadion München
  2. 5.26.2024
    München, Germany
    Olympiastadion München
  3. 6.7.2024
    Helsinki, Finland
    Helsinki Olympic Stadium
  4. 6.14.2024
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Telia Parken
  5. 6.19.2024
    Naz-sciaves - Natz-schabs, Italy
    Alpen Flair 2024


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