ALL hits you smack-dab in the face. This is a band whose powerful punk and aggro-pop defies all who may not understand that vital and compelling element which drives all great art---passion. And ALL has all kinds of passion.

Just in time for the sweltering heat of late summer, Epitaph unleashes a powerful double-live CD from the guys in ALL---LiVe PLUS ONE---the thirteenth release of ALL's career. On September 11, 2001, retailers across America will get a serious jolt of energy with LiVe PLUS ONE, two live CDs---one containing 22 searing ALL tracks and one housing 21 burning cuts from the band ALL descended from: the DESCENDENTS.

ALL is the legendary DESCENDENTS with Chad in place of Milo, but the mission is the same burn the house down (and give 'em something to think about). ALL rages through their set list with all the abandon of the best punk bands from the 70s and 80s. While recalling the best moments of the Dead Kennedys, Black Flag or X, ALL spitfires their own seething vibe into the proceedings at every juncture with their raging two-minute ditties. They attack subjects at the core of social, political and cultural concerns---drugs ("World's On Heroin"), our corporate-dominated society ("Educated Idiot") and religion ("Crucifixion," with its repeating chorus of "Hypocrite! Hypocrite!" and further indictment with "praise the Lord, pass the ammunition!"). ALL then proves they can segue effortlessly to somewhat lighter matters like relationships ("Breakin' Up," "She's My Ex") with full irony in tact. Why, they nearly approach boy-band sensitivity with the tender yet thumping "Until I Say So" and the unabashed love song "Teresa."

ALL unleashes energy in a way only California could appreciate, in fact this live collection could probably solve the state's energy crisis, but then it wouldn't be punk if it was solving problems, would it? America hasn't had a jolt in its over-saturated, sugar-coated, suburban-decaying system since the aggro-rock of the early 90s. Once the rest of the country catches up with ALL, people may be reminded why artists like the Clash, Nirvana, Iggy Pop and the Ramones have remained a lasting influence. ALL---and naturally, The DESCENDENTS before them---are a band that epitomizes the word 'uncompromising'. Indie credibility never seemed so earned as with either of these two live discs that occupy this hell-on-wheels release. However you add it all up, ALL's material was meant to be heard live, and while the rush and power of the music is immediate, the full impact of their lyrics, message and overall show hit you in ever-widening ways with each listen. Whether they want to or not, ALL rages against the sugary pop and flaccid apathy of today's world.

They are ALL that.

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ALL hits you smack-dab in the face. This is a band whose powerful punk and aggro-pop defies all who may not understand that vital and …

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