International heavy music juggernauts, Parkway Drive have released a brand new video for their monumental track, "Wild Eyes" from their chart topping album, ATLAS. A follow up to their wildly successful video "Dark Days" which has over 3.6 million views and precludes the new video, "Wild Eyes" depicts the dismal future of the world in a post-apocalyptic live show setting.

Check out the video for "Wild Eyes" here:">>

"This video basically continues on where 'Dark Days' left off," says drummer Ben Gordon who notes that both videos were the concept of director Aaron Hymes. "Dark Days' was commentary on present day and showed the worlds state of environmental Crisis. 'Wild Eyes' is set in the near future, after the World has been destroyed by man."

Gordon goes on to say, "the lyrical concept of 'Wild Eyes' deals with inevitable the end of the world and the impact of our actions so we ran with that idea pretty literally, taking inspiration from post apocalyptic images portrayed through films over the years. We are all stoked on this video!"

Atlas, the fourth studio album from this electrifying young band has received an enthusiastic welcome by fans, immediately hitting the #7 position on the iTunes overall charts and reached #32 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. The new record follows 2010's phenomenally successful Deep Blue and Parkway Drive has since built steadfast momentum as a result of a groundswell of fan support in the US about which Ultimate- Guitar noted, "Parkway Drive have already established themselves as a powerhouse in the metalcore scene around the world, and with the release of "Atlas", they have proven that they deserve to stay at the top."