And Now For The Final Illusion

A Place Where The Sun Is Silent, Alesana

Vocals, Guitar, Piano: Shawn Milke
Vocals: Dennis Lee
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Patrick Thompson
Drums, Percussion: Jeremy Bryan
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals: Shane Crump
Guitar: Alex Torres

wake up...wake up...wake up...

my eyes open wide as I wake, panting. some say that dreams have deeper meaning, that they are cries from our subconscious. I never put much stock in such ideas, but I feel strangely compelled to recount this one to my love, my Annabel. shaking her gently, I wonder why her flesh has the chill of virgin snow. my thoughts are disrupted as reality hits me like a bolt of lightning and I scream.

we are the crucified we are the virtuous,
we are the damned
we are the crucified, this is our
nightmare, let’s pray we never fall asleep

imprisoned beneath the world where the
soulless dwell
lies a place that the damned call home
a place where the virtuous hide in fear,
a place we see only in our nightmares
a place where the sun is silent

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