Alesana Release Ambitious New Video

The sonically adventuresome melodic hard rock band Alesana, fresh off the enormously successful "Rock Yourself To Sleep" tour, have unveiled their most ambitious video to date. The clip is for the song "Lullaby Of The Crucified" from the groups epic new album A Place Where The Sun Is Silent out now on Epitaph Records. The record was inspired by the preeminent 14th century poem Dante's Inferno, a dramatic accounting of one man's decent into hell.

Watch the highly ambitious video for Alesana's "Lullaby Of The Crucified" by going href="">here>.

Alesana's singer Shawn Milke explains, "We are very excited to present to you our latest short film entitled, 'Lullaby of the Crucified.' Once again, thanks in large part to the inventive mind of director Stephen Penta, we unveil for you a visual interpretation of one of our literature infused ballads. Press play and wander into a place where the virtuous hide in fear, a place where the sun is silent...lose yourself in the maze of mirrors that is, Alesana."

Set against a backdrop of thunderous beats and soaring melodic guitars, the video pays homage to Dante's poem. Like in the literary work, a disoriented young man wakes in the woods, and assailed by beasts, (a stripper temptress, the manipulative fiend, forbidden fruit) he fails to reach salvation. In this modernized version, young Dante visits a road side strip club and a cheap motel. Striking images of yearning, regret and much more unfold in an increasingly psychedelic and symbolic montage.

Video's director Stephen Penta offers, "The challenge of doing videos with Alesana is that Shawn and Dennis write novel length theatrical stories rooted in literary works as the themes of their albums and then strive to capture that with the band's visuals. When we started discussing the project, Shawn sent me the long form version of the "A Place Where the Sun Is Silent," short story. He explained how it was rooted in the Purgatory section of Dante's Inferno and broke down the characters and how he pictured the wanderer moving through these fantastic rooms from one adventure to the next... well, it was overwhelming."