Who Is Shy Kidx? Breaking Electronic Artist Climbs iTunes Chart

Artist Track "Orion" Featured In New Toyota Corollla Commercial, Climbs The iTunes Charts
The Shy Kidx track "Orion" has climbed the iTunes electronic chart, coming in at number 18 after being featured in a new Toyota Corolla commercial. The Italian producer released his debut EP Orion on Epitaph earlier this year and toured all summer on Warped Tour's first ever electronic stage.

Watch the Toyota commercial online href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwSNRlNUNEI&feature=youtu.be">here>, with "Orion" at 0:35.
And make sure to listen to the song in full here:
href="https://soundcloud.com/shykidx/01-shy-kidx-orion-final-master">Shy Kidx "Orion".

Shy Kidx freely admits that his moniker suits his demeanor. But with increasing popularity like this, he might have to get used to all the attention.