Alt-Pop Duo poptropicaslutz! Share New Single “True Colors”

Alt-Pop Duo poptropicaslutz! Share New Single “True Colors”

Fresh off a month-long headlining tour, the New York duo poptropicaslutz! are sharing their new single “True Colors”.  Another delectable taste of their electric debut album ‘Face For The Radio’ out October 13th, the new track showcases their signature combo of vibrant hooks and infectious groove that drives their genre-bending sound. The band explains, 

"True Colors is a song about the hope for greener pastures with the one you 'love,' or coming to terms with the truth—you’re beating a dead horse. You know deep down you’re a desirable suitor and 'replacing' them would be fairly easy, but letting go of someone you’ve grown so attached to is easier said than done. Old habits die hard." 

“True Colors” - LISTEN 

Imbuing their auto-tuned melodies with traces of Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye, Juice WRLD, Kelly Clarkson, and ‘10s SoundCloud rap, 21-year-old Christian Cicilia and 22-year-old Nick Crawford’s debut EP just iin case the world ends (2022) showcased their penchant for blending maximalist production with pop-punk for a highly danceable fusion of “hyper-punk”. In Face For The Radio, they up the distortion levels, leading with fuzzed out guitars and a sprinkling of alt-pop synths, with sugary melodies and emphatic rhythms that get you on your feet.  

Crafted over the course of a year, Face For The Radio is sonically and thematically their most cohesive collection of songs. Production flourishes from kodeblooded (Connor Kaufmann, Sueco) add glitchcore elements to form eleven sonically rich, textured tracks.  Exploring themes of love and loss, the dark side or “underbelly” of success, and the sacrifices one is willing to make to get there, the band refines their confessional style of storytelling for effective songwriting.  

Since signing to Epitaph, poptropicaslutz! have been on an upward trajectory that has propelled them from releasing a handful of singles to their breakout debut EP, and most recently a split EP ‘Gossip Team’ with their friend, labelmate, and producer aldrch. As their infectious tracks garner over 2 million monthly streams, the band grows more confident in their status as a burgeoning alt-pop force with each release. Now entering the next stage in their careers with their first full-length, they’re ready for their time to shine. The band muses, “Having a 'face for the radio' has historically described those better fit for something else…. those set up for success, but not in their own lane. At times, that’s been us, but not anymore.”